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*IMP: Members are referred to those clients that have a 6 or 12 month long-term contract with us, and not those who have booked several days-bookings with us.

If you are a member, you will enjoy great benefits. Reduced fares, booking facilities. You only have to choose: 6 months or one year subscription.

Some of the advantages (just few here listed)

  • A bigger save compared with short-term parking rates. You'll get more for your money.
  • Get more transfers than short-term bookings. Ideal for heavy commuters or long stays (unlimited except on 6 month deals)
  • Covered parking spaces subjected to availability and self car-wash for your own use.
  • Exclusive discounts. Get our services cheaper just for being a member (Car cleaning, fuel retank, Itv's)
  • Free car check up and help on battery issues and wheels air pressure.
  • Book faster by logging in our members section. Available on desktop web, mobile web and App.
  • More flexibility, if you have to change your car or you own more cars, is not a problem, we change it or add it to your contract. Contract is on the member, and not just on the car (only one car must be parked at once).
  • With your authorization, your car can be used and shared with friends, relatives, between partners etc...Ideal for recurrent travelers or home owners.

Access members booking Click & learn how to book easily

Choose the membership that better fits your needs

6 Months


4 stays included*

1 Year

New customers


Renewal of current customer



Unlimited transfers*

1 full wash included

10 € discount voucher for ITV service

Subscriptions + extras with special discounts, according to your needs and priorities. Limited time offer!

“For those who want to keep their car up to date”

1 Year

ITV Petrol / Diesel

2 Complete washes

3 Exterior washes

1 Valet Service (VIP)

Petrol: 839,95€ Diesel: 854,95€

“For those who want to keep their car always clean”

1 Year

4 Complete washes

3 Exterior washes

2 Valet Services (VIP)

Only 789,95€

“For those who want to feel like VIPs”

1 Year

2 Complete washes

4 Exterior washes

10 Valet Services (VIP)

Only 859,95€

*In the event that a client exceeds 30 transfers per year, reserves the right to revise the rates for the services provided.
*Any additional stay will cost 19.95€ including an extra parking stay + transfers (go and return).

Dank Ihrer Reservierung spendet einen Teil dieser an den Spanischen Krebsverband.