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Obligations of the holder of the parking.

According to the Regulatory Law of the Contract of Parking of Vehicles (Law 40/2002, of November 14) the holder of the parking is responsible for the damages that the vehicle or the user should suffer, except from damages made by a third party or parking user to your car. So in the following cases:

Personal damages for bad state or bad maintenance of the facilities. Damages of the vehicle suffered by detachments, floods for break of tubes, etc. Damages for theft in the vehicle: break of glazing, disappearance of the proper vehicle, etc.. In the damages for theft, there remain excluded all those accessories of the vehicle that are not a part fixed or inseparable of the same one.

The Company does not accept liability for damage to vehicles or other property arising from acts of nature as the Car Parks’ open-air surface operations.

We have official complaints forms available at our office.

Obligations of the user

The client should remove the objects and accessories that are not fixed, such as radio, cell phones, money etc. .... We are NOT responsible for the objects inside the car. The company is not responsible for loss or breakage of the covers that cover the car, nor is it obliged to place them.

The clients are obliged to have their documentation in the car, ITV and insurance in force. If for this reason there were fines, retention of the vehicle or any problem or cost to the authorities, these must be paid by the customer.

Liability will be accepted only if has been reported within our premises. We won’t accept any liability or claims made by a different parking user to your car.

In order to deal with any complaint or claim made by the customer, the latter must prove the veracity of the facts he or she states.

Our company, or our employees don't check the mechanical or aesthetic status of the car by its reception. We don't take pictures of the existing damages or test the car before it is parked.Therefore, in order to make a successful claim against our company for damages on the car, the client is obliged to take pictures of the car, or of the existing damages, in order to performa claim against our company for those damages. Without pictures of the car at the time of the parking (made in our parking compound) the company will deny whatsoever responsability. will never be responsible for damage, bumps, scratches or tiny scratches that are less than 5 ctms in diameter, as these may be imperceptible to our control. We will never assume responsibility for these damages.

It is compulsory to show the ticket or written proof for the collection of the vehicle. In case of not presenting it, user must prove it to colect his vehicle. The company will give the user a written proof with the following information: The day/time of the parking periods, car details and personal details of the booking. The company cannot be held responsible if you lose your return instructions/ numbered receipt and this is presented to the Company by a third party who uses it to fraudulently steal your vehicle.

The user will be responsible opposite to the company and other users, for the legal damages that it causes to them for non-performance of his duties or unskillfulness in the driving of the vehicle inside the parking facilities or even just by hitting his cardoor against other cars.

You are advised to allow for sufficient journey time to arrive at the Car Park. The parking user must arrive at our facilities at least 30 minutes before the time he/she wishes to arrive at the airport. We cannot be held liable for any circumstance that could make you miss your flight. The user may share with other customers accomodation on the transfers to/from the airport.

The parking user is responsible to locate and return to our meeting point, we are not responsable if it is hard for them to find it and the wait stress caused.

Dear customer only undertakes to disconnect batteries that have an easy system, without help of any external tool. In our offices we have pictures of the refered systems.

On long-term membership contracts, the clients are obliged to notify at least, 24 hrs before their car pick up or parking (through an e-mail or our web members booking form) to our company. Without this communication, the parking will decline any claim.

Rights of the holder of the parking

The holder of the parking will have, opposite to any persons, right of retention on the vehicle as a guarantee of the payment of the price of the parking. The Company reserves the right to change our prices or offers without prior notice. Our rates does include V.A.T. The holder of the parking will be able to use the legal procedure following the article 71 of the articulated text of the Law on Traffic when a car remains parked for a quite long period of time without having any feedback from the owners.

The Company and its employees have full right to drive and park your car for the best organization of our parking compound. The client must leave his keys at all times. The car can only be driven within our parking areas and different parking plots.

In contracts for months (memberships) the company will never paralyse, postpone or reimburse any amount for the months that the membership is not used regardless of the cause given by the client. In the event that a client exceeds 30 transfers per year, reserves the right to revise the rates for the services provided. reserves the right to take up to 2 days to bring your vehicle to the covered garage/garage in garage memberships. We also reserve the right not to take your vehicle there for stays of less than 3 days.

The Company could follow the legal procedure describe don the 71st article of the “Traffic Law”, when a car is parked for such a long time showing clear signs of abandonment or no intersest in its use.

The Company has the right not to perform the complimentary outside wash if the weather conditions are not optimal. As well, we do not held any liability if that free complimentary wash has not been performed to a standard expected by the users.

The company reserves the right to charge the total amount of the reservation in case the client withdraws the car before the reserved date. does not provide any special services during the shuttle-bus transfer to the terminals for clients with special requirements, such as: trollies/prams, baby carriers, child car seats and people with reduced mobility (PRMs) wheelchair service/access on and off the courtesy bus.

The Company will not held responsibility if your vehicle has any mechanical failure. Battery-start problems, electric windows failure, punctures, carkeys, buttons etc... We will try to help the customers, but we have no responsability at all. We will not cover any damage on vehicles windscreens or any windows or car handles.

The Company will not be liable if the car loses any removable parts of the car: mirrors, scape tails, antennas, etc. The Company has the right to reject a booking if the car is not drivable or its size could cause any trouble or damage other cars.

The company reserves the right to charge extra depending on the size of the vehicle. Vehicle between 5 and 5,5 mtrs + 20 %. Vehicle from 5.5 mtrs + 40 %. This possible extra charge will be notified at the entrance of the vehicle, without prior notice. Caravans will pay a minimum increase of 100% and the client must confirm availability at the time of booking. If availability has not been confirmed in writing, the booking may be refused.

When a full car wash has been requested, if your car is large, more than 4.5 mtrs long or extremely dirty, you may be charged an additional 5€ to 10€ without prior notice.

When an exterior wash has been requested, if your car is large, more than 4.5 mtrs long or extremely dirty, you may be charged an additional 3 € without prior notice.

In any of those cases, those price increasements will notified in our premises, not in advance, or thorugh our web booking process.

The deposit of a car in our premises enables us and oblige the useres to follow all this terms and regulations.

Dear Customers, for organization reasons and to save you valuable time upon return of your flight, the payment of your booking must be done when you drop off your car, when signing the booking entry in our office. If you are required or you prefer to leave the car keys in our office, its you, the client, who will decide wether to pay by the drop off, or when you collect your car. reserves the right to take up to 2 days to bring your vehicle to the covered garage/garage in garage memberships.

We also reserve the right not to take your vehicle there for stays of less than 3 days. will treat your personal details according to our Privacy policy. Following the spanish laws on this issue.

Dank Ihrer Reservierung spendet einen Teil dieser an den Spanischen Krebsverband.